May 14, 2014 - I am sad to say that “Good Girl” Hannah has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  She was one of the first high kill shelter rescues that we did so she has been with us a long time.  Good bye sweet girl, no more pain, or mental confusion..say hi to the rest of the crew waiting to greet you.

Hannah was pulled from a pound on her kill date. She had been dumped there with her 4 puppies. Her puppies have been adopted. Hannah had been tied up outside for most of her life before she was dumped at the pound. She is not available for adoption because she is a biter - she comes up behind people and bites them. She only does this in her own space. When she goes to the vet or is on leash she is as sweet as a dog can be. When she is loose in the yard (fenced) she will bite anyone she doesn't know. Because of the hardships she had in her previous life and because she is a sweet, loving dog to those she trusts, we can not adopt her out. We can not chance that she would bite someone and be put down because of it.

Hannah needs a sponsor.

Home is where the paw prints are!
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