10/30/13: I am very happy to report that Beau’s surgery for his foot was a complete success.  He had to spend several months mostly crated to ensure his foot would heal correctly but it all paid off.  He runs around with Baylee playing like a dog should.  I will attempt to get a picture which you would think would be a pretty easy prospect but for some reason he is afraid of the camera and will try to hide.  There is still an outstanding vet bill that I am trying to whittle down (without much success)  so any help with that if you are so moved would be fantastic.

Please help with Beau's vet bill if you can

10/12/12 - We have rescued Beau (Cash) from the pound, but his foot is in bad need of vet care.
He reminds me of Bear, so his rescue is in honor of Bear…plus the people at the pound say he is a real sweetheart!

9/21/12 - Sweet Bear is gone, it is too much to comprehend how he could be gone but he is, nothing I can do to fix that.  He is was my first pound rescue and was actually being taken back to the gas box to be euthanized when we called to say we would take him around 11 years ago.  When I realized what an amazing dog he was and how he was almost put down it really got me to realize that there are other amazing wonderful dogs out there that are in jeopardy of being put down.  From Bear, Kids & Kritters was born.  He is directly responsible for saving the lives of well over 100 cats and dogs. Please give your special bud an extra hug tonight in memory of my sweet boy.

Teddy has done remarkably well after his surgery and as you can see has grown into a beautiful dog. The vet told us that a second surgery is not needed which is great news. Teddy is a happy, playful loving fellow that has been adopted by his foster family. A happy ending for a brave puppy!


Teddy was dumped at a vet's office in North Carolina. They were going to send him to the pound where he would have been euthanized but a caring person bought him some time until a rescue could be found to take him. We were that rescue, he came to us with a broken leg that required surgery. He has had the surgery which took 5 hours to repair the damage that had been done. His vet bill now stands over $2000.00 with the prospect of another surgery in his future to remove the pins holding the bones together. Please help us continue to help him and donate, even $5.00 or $10.00 a person would be fantastic! Thank you so much!

We are in desperate need of a tub of Panacur and Cosequin.

Can you support Help A Critter? our feed and vet bills are constant, plus each new arrival gets a visit to the vet and their health needs addressed. Even a small monthly donation will help keep us going.

Hi! I'm Cheyenne.
    I have Addison's disease, but thanks to some nice folks, it's under control and life is good. The folks at Kids & Kritters rescue dogs like my friend here from local pounds and other situations, and find good homes for them. (They also rescue cats, horses, piggies, and just about anyone else on 4 legs who's in trouble.) Please check back often to meet my new friends and maybe even give one of them a home. There are always a lot of mouths to feed here, so if you can help, we'd all appreciate it! You can also sponsor one of the permanent residents here - like me!

Donate a Bed
Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda Dog beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda dog bed.
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