Beau (Cash)

10/30/2013: I am very happy to report that Beau’s surgery for his foot was a complete success.  He had to spend several months mostly crated to ensure his foot would heal correctly but it all paid off.  He runs around with Baylee playing like a dog should.  I will attempt to get a picture which you would think would be a pretty easy prospect but for some reason he is afraid of the camera and will try to hide.  There is still an outstanding vet bill that I am trying to whittle down (without much success)  so any help with that if you are so moved would be fantastic.

10/12/2012: I have pulled him from the pound. He appears to have a broken foot after being attacked by dogs.  He was then taken to the pound as a stray.  I will need to have his foot fixed, either surgically or with a cast or worse case scenario by amputation.  He is being neutered in NC then will be brought here for further vetting to take care of his foot.  He reminds me of Bear, so his rescue is in honor of Bear…plus the people at the pound say he is a real sweetheart! 

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