9/21/12 - Sweet Bear is gone, it is too much to comprehend how he could be gone but he is, nothing I can do to fix that.  He is was my first pound rescue and was actually being taken back to the gas box to be euthanized when we called to say we would take him around 11 years ago.  When I realized what an amazing dog he was and how he was almost put down it really got me to realize that there are other amazing wonderful dogs out there that are in jeopardy of being put down.  From Bear, Kids & Kritters was born.  He is directly responsible for saving the lives of well over 100 cats and dogs. Please give your special bud an extra hug tonight in memory of my sweet boy.

This is the boy that got me started in rescue. I wasn't really involved in rescue when I was asked by a local Humane Society member if I would consider fostering a dog when his kill date arrived, he was at the County Pound. I said yes since I was toying with joining the HS and that's all she wrote. They were walking him back to the gas box when we called to say we were taking him, he literally was minutes away from death. When I picked him up (sight unseen) all I could do was smile. This big goofy dog, tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth seemed to know he had been spared. I fell in love at first sight! He has been with me ever since and that was in 2000. I figured if a dog as wonderful as this was about to be euthanized there must be more out there like him. Truer words were never spoken! Bear is my greeter dog, he welcomes the new dogs when they arrive and makes them feel at home.

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